Do You Have a Video Converter?

If you utilize videos found at the Apple iTunes store for your Macintosh computer, they will typically bear a M4V file extension. While this type of file is readily interfaced with Macs on such devices as iPods and iphone, occasionally there will be applications where in order to increase their availability to other devices and types of computers a conversion must first be done to the more universally recognized WMV file type.

Converting a M4V file to a WMV file is a very simple process, providing of course you have downloaded a free converter beforehand. WMV files are a staple in the Windows industry and having the ability to convert your M4V files to the WMV format on your Mac might very well save your peace of mind later. It really is not complicated to find, download and use the converter for your Mac it simply is a matter of being prepared.

Once you have downloaded your free version of the Mac converter which has the ability to convert M4V files into a wide variety of other formats, the hardest part is done. That is of course assuming you can read and follow the onscreen instructions for installation that will come as part of the download. Once the converter is installed, locate the M4V files you wish to convert and draw them into the converter. These converters can change the format of a single file, or edit a group of files all at the same time. One click of add videos will prepare you to add them to the list of files to be edited. Select the appropriate files by selecting open to all that you would like to convert. Assuming you would like to convert them to WMV files, select that as your destination extension. A simple selection of places where you can put the file will be shown with a click of the File tab.

Maces have always been considered the most users friendly of computers. Converting file types is not rocket science by any means, especially on Macs. The youtube downloader video of the download, the easy to read onscreen directions and tutorial are geared towards the average computer user. Never was point and click so easy, especially when adding a Mac video converter to your machine.