Dell Chromebook 3189

Dell Laptop

This Dell Chromebook 3189 has an astounding execution. It has Intel Celeron N3060 and has a processor which is 1.6 GHz and Intel HD Graphics presented in it. The carbon and aluminum blend makes it harder. This thing is more limited than other Dell versatile PCs. It weighs only 3.16 lbs. It has Google Chrome OS introduced by Microsoft. Its starting expense is $330. It can be used for the general and media purposes since the essayists have comprehensively used this tablet. It has 32GB hard drive and 4GB RAM. The screen is 11.6 inches wide. The insurgency speed is also SSD and battery life is just around 6 hours on average use. It is the basic and most comprehensively used choice for the scholars and experts since it is friendly to work with. The expenses have in like manner been remembered lower than its precursors keeping the ultimate objective to make it all the more appealing and dazzling. Similarly, it has a 720p widescreen camera and customers get twofold bunch propelled headphones moreover. The lit up, island-style comfort is incorporated by a diminish touchy touch deck. I regard the battery pointer on the correct portion of the tablet – with the push of a catch, up to five lights will enlighten, and giving you a thought of how much longer the scratch pad will last, paying little personality to the probability that it’s shut. The support is unguarded with the objective that the customer does not encounter issues while composing. The sound is clear and noticeable. This laptop is designed for especially those people who have to commute a lot and thus it is small and light and that’s why people can carry it anytime. Moreover, this Dell’s product helps enable the users to carry out their office tasks with efficiency. And for this reason it is very much popular among those who have to perform a lot of work simultaneously. This is the best product for those who wish to have a laptop but cannot carry weight. Check out Dell laptop price in Dubai on this link